Hair Colouring Specialist Southampton

Colouring hair is a science and takes great skill , knowledge and time to achieve great results.

Having your hair coloured is a creative and stimulating experience for both the client and the hairdresser or specialist colour technician. Mel gets to showcase her artistic and technical skills by selecting the perfect colours for you, as well as using suitable techniques to apply them.

With Mel’s extensive knowledge of colour theory, she can offer a unique understanding of your individual style and needs.

Everyone’s hair is completely unique and so too is every natural and chemically added colour. Even when the same colour is applied on several different people with similar hair colourings, each one will still have its own unique tone due to all of the natural tones found within the natural hair colour and base colours. This variety of tones can be difficult to spot for untrained eyes, making it essential that professional colourists like Mel, use their knowledge and skills to the highest possible standard.

What do you need to consider before having your hair coloured by a specialist?

Having your hair coloured can often be a big commitment in lots of ways. It’s really important you really consider the questions below so you can ensure not only you are fully informed of what you want and how much it will cost, but also that the colour specialist technician is informed too.

This will ensure the final and future results will fit in with your personal requirements, and both you and your hair technician will be happy and of the same understanding.

Who do I choose to colour my hair?

To get the best possible hair colour and avoid hair colour problems and nasty allergic reactions, you need a professional! Look for hair colour specialists, expert colour technicians, master colour experts, or hair colour technicians (like Mels Hairdressing). Look at hairdressing salon websites and marketing sites for photos with beautiful hair colours and good reviews. Look for listings offering you a hair colour appointment, colour services and a free consultation (contact Mel here). This way, you get your personalised hair colours.

Anyone offering a hair colour service, hair colour correction or hair treatments should carry out an allergy skin test on every individual client, also known as a patch test.

It’s also a good idea to ask the specialist colour technician which hair colour techniques they enjoy applying the most. If the hair colour technician specialist enjoys their work, it makes a difference.

What effect or look do I want the colour technician specialist to achieve?

Having several pictures of what you like with you that you can show the colour technician will really help. Even if the person in the photos is different, it helps the hair colour technician specialist work out what you expect them to achieve.

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