Children's Hairdressing

Haircuts for Children Age 0+ - 16yrs

Wash, cut, styling, scissor over comb, clipper cuts, blow dry.

Hair Salon Services

Appointments are booked according to relevance of age, amount of hair, length of required styling.
All children’s hair will be dampened with water or a vitamin/leave in conditioner spray.
From 3yrs  – 10yrs a minimum of 30 minutes will be allocated (prices will vary accordingly).
From 10yrs+ 30 – 60 mins will be allocated (prices will vary accordingly).
As a general rule children will not have a salon hair wash until they are big enough to reach the salon basins.
It is advised children’s hair is pre washed and thoroughly brushed through before their hair appointment.
Please also check for head lice or eggs before the appointment.
If any are found please cancel the appointment and treat accordingly before booking another appointment.
Whilst having a hair cut, if head lice or eggs are found, with parents consent treatment will be applied (fee applies) and will be asked to return at a later date once treatment is successful.
As much as we endeavour to start and finish a child’s haircut in the most relaxed and fun way, if the child becomes too fraught, upset or anxious the hair cut will finish. A charge will be applied and a return appointment made.

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